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      Where's My Code?

      Once you've been accepted into the program you will be issued your 10% discount code within 48-72 hours. You should receive an email shortly after that to let you know your code is ready.

      To view your code, login to your affiliate member page and click on the "info page" tab (direct link here).

      If your code has been added, you will see a "Coupon Code" section at the bottom (see image below).

      If your code is still being created, there will be no "Coupon Code" section. Please contact our team if you haven't had your code set up within 5 days of being accepted into the program.

      Where's The Facebook Group?

      Once you've been accepted into the program you can request access to the private Facebook Group at:

      You can also search "reviveelite" in the groups section of the Facebook app.

      Please allow time for us to accept your request, as our team has to crosscheck requestors with those who have been accepted to the ELITE program.

      Where's My Affiliate Dashboard?

      Click here to access your affiliate dashboard

      This is where you will track sales, view your referral link and personal discount code.

      Sales are tracked via your referral link and your code.

      How Do Commissions Work?

      All tracked sales (through your referral link and your unique discount code) will earn you 10% sales commissions.

      Payouts are once a month and are sent via bank transfer or Paypal. Your payment method is set in the profile page of your affiliate dashboard (direct link here).

      Payouts must be a minimum of $100 to receive your payout.

      Where's the 25% Off Code For Affiliates?

      All Revive ELITE affiliates receive a special 25% off discount code. This code is NOT to be distributed, and anyone that shares this code will be terminated from the program immediately.

      A new code is generated every month and is distributed via text/sms or email every month directly to the group. You can also find the code on the initial instructions google doc that you receive when being accepted to the program.

      How Quick Does A Sale Get Tracked?

      Sales are typically recorded and tracked within 1-2 business days of the purchase.

      If you have someone that you know made a purchase through you but it did not get tracked within 3 days of their purchase, please contact us ( and we'll do our best to add that sale to your account.

      I'm Still Having Trouble... Help!

      We're here to help! Please contact us at or reach out to us or the rest of the team on the private Facebook Group

      At REVIVE we are passionate about building a community of health-minded people that aren't afraid to be the hardest workers in the room. From sun up to sun down we represent the every day man and woman who fights for their place at the top. We are warriors in the gym. We are game changers. We don't quit. We always get back up and we keep moving forward no matter how difficult the path.

      Are you ready to be a part of something big? It's time to join the supplement company that's taking the industry by storm.



      25% OFF ELITE CODE

      ELITE members will gain access to a privately used 25% off code for ELITE Affiliates ONLY.

      New code generated every month
      Not to be shared or distributed.
      Can't be combined with other codes or deals.


      Every affiliate will be given a unique coupon code (10% off) and web tracking code to manage sales and commissions. Every sale you make through your unique code or tracked link will earn you 10% commissions to be paid out monthly.


      REVIVE ELITE Affiliates get priority-one access to new product launches, ELITE-ONLY gear & accessories, and anything else that comes out of REVIVE HQ. You will also be a pivotal piece to helping us create new products, gain feedback on existing products, and gain VIP access to the inner workings of REVIVE.


      As an ELITE Affiliate you will gain VIP access to a closed Facebook Group for affiliates ONLY. We will offer premium content as well as a solid community where you can help motivate each other every day and share your journey. You will also gain access to our top athletes, special LIVE Streaming events, and much more.


      Last but not least... ELITE Affiliates get the special opportunity to win HUGE prizes such as year supplies of products, paid vacations, top event access, and more! Only the BEST for our ELITE.



      1. USE THE CODE

      To start the process of becoming a REVIVE ELITE Affiliate, we have to make sure you're repping the brand and (of course) using REVIVE products as part of your fitness journey. The first step is easy, you must make a purchase (at least $75) and use the 10% off code "GOELITE" at checkout. No exceptions.

      2. TAKE THE QUIZ

      After making your purchase using the mentioned code, you must then fill out our affiliate questionnaire. Upon submitting your entry, one of our team will review your submission and you will receive an acceptance message.


      Once approved you will immediately receive special instructions on your next steps as a REVIVE ELITE Affiliate. We are going FULL FORCE with the program so we expect you to jump right in and get started quickly. Good luck!

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