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      Athletes and Acne: Tips and Treatment by Nadia Amy @_nawdzz

      Nadia Amy - Citrus Scrub - Revive MD

      Acne though superficial, should be taken seriously just as any other health condition, in fact, most major league sports teams have a team Dermatologist.

      Acne in athletes can originate from a number of factors like the obvious sweat, player to player contact, shaving, cleanliness of clothes, testosterone and hormones alike.

      (Guest post by Nadia Amy - IG @_nawdzz)

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      Julien Geoffrion - ELITE of the MONTH

      Julien Geoffrion - ELITE of the MONTH
      We are SO excited to announce our very first ELITE OF THE MONTH, Julien Geoffrion (IG @jugeoff)! We’ll be hi-lighting one of our many ELITE Affiliates every month and diving into the very BEST part of Revive! This first one is extra special, as Julien will actually be joining the ranks of the Revive ATHLETES for his hard work and dedication to the brand. As a HUGE thank you for being the leader in commissions, Julien will also be receiving an all-inclusive Caribbean trip for 2 in 2020! How amazing is that?

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      How Important is Kidney Health? by Chris Barakat

      Understanding Kidney Health - Chris Barakat - Revive Supplements

      Did you know that 1 in 3 people are at risk for Kidney Disease according to the National Kidney Foundation?

      (Guest post by Chris Barakat, MS, ATC, CISSN - IG @christopher.barakat)

      This number increase when utilizing exogenous performance enhancer. The kidneys play a crucial role in our health and are often underappreciated until there is some sort of dysfunction and a diseased state is present.

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      Are You Deficient in Omega-3 Fatty Acids? by Chris Barakat

      Omega-3 Chris Barakat - Revive Sups

      Are you deficient in Omega-3 Fatty Acids? Omega-3 fatty acids, specifically eicosapentaenoic acid (#EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (#DHA) are two essential fatty acids that many of us do not consume an adequate amount of. Because these nutrients are "essential" this means our bodies can not produce them on its own, & consuming them through our diet is crucial for our health. (Guest post by Chris Barakat, MS, ATC, CISSN - IG @christopher.barakat)

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      How to Have a Better Attitude Towards Fitness by Ivana Ivusic

      How to Have a Better Attitude Towards Fitness by Ivana Ivusic

      Guest post by Revive Athlete Ivana Ivusic - IG @ivanaivusic | Fitness- (definition) the condition of being physically fit and healthy. Nowadays looked at in many opinionated views. We each have our own ideas of what fitness means to us. No matter what it may be, as long as there are results and balance you are well on your way. Here are a few ways that help me stay inspired.

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