Are Fitness Supplements Really Necessary to Your Routine?

Are Fitness Supplements Really Necessary to Your Routine? - Revive MD

Do you need supplements for working out? Or are fitness supplements just another fad? Surely all you need at the gym is willpower and determination? Well, it turns out there are plenty of supplements that work to give you a variety of benefits that could make your fitness sessions more beneficial, easier to recover from, and even less hard work.

Why Take Supplements?

Why Take Supplements

Supplements are there for when you already have a good routine, but you want to make it really great. Popular supplements for fitness include:

  • Supplements to help reduce fatigue
  • Supplements to support better performance
  • Supplements that promote muscle gain or weight loss

Of course, supplements aren’t just for fitness. Many of the best supplements are ones you can take daily, whether you’re at the gym or not. Better mental focus or clarity helps at work, when studying, or even when looking after the kids.

Supplements today have gone way beyond the standard multivitamin tablet. Today’s supplements are carefully created to support modern lifestyles with all their stresses and challenges- and to support the fun times too. Fitness and exercise are just some of the aspects of life that could be enhanced by taking supplements designed to help you get the best out of your routine.

Best Supplements for Men

Male and female hormones differ slightly, which is why some supplements are marketed towards men and some towards women. Most supplements are fine for any gender to use, but targeted towards men might be supplements like:

  • Multivitamins designed to support male health
  • Probiotics designed to support the gut flora of men
  • Supplements aimed specifically at the men’s recommended daily amount of nutrients and vitamins, which differs from women in many cases.

Best Workout Supplements for Men

Workout supplements for men tend to contain:

  • Additional protein
  • Creatine
  • Pre-workout boosters like caffeine

The best workout supplement boosts your all-around health and well-being in order to feel motivated and focused at the gym. Remember, supplements don’t replace a great diet, so make sure you’re eating plenty of carbs, protein, and fruit and vegetables- plus drinking that all-important water!

Best Supplements for Women

Supplements marketed towards women claim to support health concerns from women’s reproductive health to digestive issues- and everything in between. There is also a range of prenatal and postnatal supplements that support the body before, during, and after times of pregnancy. This is one of the best examples of how supplements can be not only useful but often essential.

Best Workout Supplements for Women

The best workout supplements can, of course, be used by any gender, but sometimes women might want something that works specifically for them. Look out for:

  • Pre-workout supplements that have a little less caffeine
  • Fitness supplements that include benefits for mental focus and diet management
  • Performance boosters aimed at female physiology

If you are pregnant, always check with a medical professional before starting a new fitness routine or taking supplements to ensure you’re supporting you and your baby in the best possible way.

Best Muscle Building Supplements

Regardless of gender, plenty of folks want to build muscle with exercises. Can supplements help you do this? By taking supplements like whey protein powders, shakes, and snacks like protein bars, you can supplement your diet and help promote muscle growth.

Creatine is another supplement that may support the maintenance of muscle mass, so look out for this in the ingredients of your protein snacks.

Supplements to Burn Muscle and Fat: Do They Work?

There are plenty of supplements that claim they are “fat burners” or “slimming pills.” Many of these work by increasing your metabolism, so you process and burn fat faster. Others work by suppressing hunger so that you want to eat less.

The best way to burn fat is to exercise, which helps you build healthy muscle tone. Losing muscle for a less bulky look is usually achieved by changing the fitness routine, for example, from weights and strength changing to running and swimming. It’s always better to gradually make these changes so that you don’t shock your system or lose all your muscle weight to fat.

What Supplements Should I Take?

Three supplements that could help support an existing healthy diet and exercise regime are:

  • Revive AdrenalCORE
  • Revive CALM
  • Revive Turmeric +

Revive AdrenalCORE for Fitness

Revive AdrenalCORE

This intelligent supplement balances adrenal extract with a range of beneficial compounds to help deal with the body’s stress response. This supplement could help balance cortisol levels and thus create resistance to fatigue- ideal for quicker recovery after a tough workout.

Revive CALM for Fitness

Revive CALM for Fitness

CALM is a supplement containing various vitamins and minerals, which may boost the mood and clear the mind. This is great for everyone, but in fitness situations, it can allow better focus and help you manage your performance better.

Revive Turmeric +

ReviveMD Turmeric+

Turmeric has been used as a complementary aid to health for many centuries, and today is a popular supplement for all walks of life. Turmeric may promote the reduction of inflammation, ideal for when you need to push a little harder or go for a little longer.

Don’t forget, if you have underlying health conditions or are already on regular medication, talk to your doctor before you start taking any supplements. The bottom line is that supplements can enhance and improve your existing fitness regime. It’s just about finding the ones that work best for you.


Diet and exercise are the keys to a good fitness regime, and supplements could enhance a good routine even further. Supplements can be used to help with stamina, recovery, and even muscle building.

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