Revive MD Glucose RX: Utilize Carbohydrates And Nutrients Better Than Ever Before [Fitness Informant]

Revive MD Glucose RX: Utilize Carbohydrates And Nutrients Better Than Ever Before [Fitness Informant] - Revive MD

A newer category of sports nutrition products have hit the market in recent years with many people wonder how and when they should be using them. This new category is called Glucose Disposal Agents, or as some brands refer to them as Nutrient Drivers or Nutrient Partitioning Agents. The truth is, many brands fail to educate consumers on what GDAs are and when to use them. They promote them via Instagram with foods that we would consider “cheat meals” in the fitness industry. Some of these, by definition, are well beyond the term “cheat meal.” These same brands tend to under dose or poorly formulate what we would call an effective GDA.

A brand that understands the human anatomy and how our body processes carbs, releases insulin and controls blood glucose levels in Revive MD. Revive MD is owned by Dr. Dom Iacovone and Matt Jansen, two well-respected individuals in the fitness and nutrition community. Revive MD’s formulas are physician formulated with Dr. Dom being very hands-on in the process. Matt works with some of the most premier bodybuilding athletes in the world. Collectively, Dr. Dom and Matt make a great team to develop fully dosed, effective general health supplements like their newest Glucose Disposal Agent Glucose RX.

Glucose Disposal Agents serve a purpose in nutrition. You don’t need to be a fitness competitor to properly utilize one either. In fact, when you understand the purpose of a GDA and use it accordingly, it will be one of the wisest investments you can make as someone who cares about your health.

What Glucose Disposal Agents Are Not

Glucose Disposal Agents, or GDAs, are not to be used as a free pass to cheat. Just because you take your GDA before your meal doesn’t mean those calories don’t count. They do. They will. Because of false marketing, many are lead to believe that simply taking a GDA gives them the right to consume an unreasonable amount of calories and it won’t matter. That’s simply not true.

What Glucose Disposal Agents Are

Glucose Disposal Agents are a tool. Just like any supplement, they are meant to supplement your whole foods diet. In this case, GDAs are meant to be taken before a carb load or high carbohydrate meal to assist your body in utilizing the carbohydrates. When your body consumes carbohydrates they are converted to glucose in the body. The glucose then goes and fills glycogen stores to be use as fuel, burned as fuel or can be stored as fat. GDAs help your body metabolize the glucose (hence why it’s called a disposal agent) to ensure you are using them for energy and that glucose is not necessarily being stored as fat. In this process, GDAs can also help control your body’s insulin levels.

Revive MD Glucose RX

Revive MD created Glucose RX to be a top tier GDA product. As mentioned earlier, many GDAs do not meet the standards of the term “clinically dosed.” GDAs typically use ingredients that were studied with diabetic patients. Diabetic patients need to control their blood glucose levels more-so than any other people on the planet. Revive MD used numerous studies to formulate what we would call a “next level” GDA.

We’re going to dive into the product label and explain how each ingredient works in Revive MD Glucose RX.

Berberine – 1,500 mg

Berberine is an alkaloid found in various plants. It is known to aid in healthy blood sugar levels. Berberine is one of the most popular ingredients used in Glucose Disposal Agent products. Berberine has been studied a lot, specifically with Type-2 diabetic patients.

In a review of 14 different studies consisting of 1,068 participants, Berberine was shown to significantly hypoglycaemic response. This means that Berberine significantly lowered blood sugar levels.

Another positive outcome of Berberine with these same participants was it showed significant antidyslipidemic response. This means that Berberine significantly reduced abnormal elevated cholesterol or fats (lipids) in the blood.

In another study done on patients with Type-2 diabetes, Berberine was shown to increase glucose disposal rates at just 1g per day. A total of 116 patients partook in this study, with half getting 1g Berberine per day, and the other half getting a placebo. The results indicated that the Berberine group showed a reduction in fasting and postload plasma glucose levels.

With studies being significant at 1g per day, the dosage of 1.5g in Glucose RX is great.

Citrus Bergamot Extract – 500mg

Citrus Bergamot Extract is commonly used to regulate and lower elevated cholesterol levels. Revive MD also has a stand-alone Citrus Bergamot product.

Per a 12-week study, Citrus Bergamot supplementation was shown to decrease elevated cholesterol levels. This study gave participants 500mg of Citrus Bergamot per day. The results of the study indicated that supplementation with Citrus Bergamot not only reduced elevated cholesterol levels, it also reduced waist circumference and body weight.

In a separate study on rats, Citrus Bergamot was shown to decrease blood glucose levels, in addition to lowering cholesterol levels. The rodents were given 500mg Citrus Bergamot for 30-days. The results showed a reduction in blood glucose levels of 22.3%.

Grape Seed Extract – 300mg

Grape Seed Extract, or GSE, is used to control blood sugar levels. There has been previous studies, in vitro, that revealed supplementing with GSE inhibited the intestinal α-glucosidases and α-pancreatic amylase that may delay carbohydrate digestion and absorption, resulting in the suppression of postprandial glycemia. A study was conducted for the validity of this information. Eight healthy participants received a high carbohydrate meal, and either received 100mg or 300mg GSE. The results indicated that supplementing with 300mg GSE. Both the 100mg and 300mg reduced postprandial plasma glucose in healthy participants.

The dosage of 300mg is sufficient.

Cinnamon Extract – 300mg

Cinnamon Extract has been studied for its positive impact on fasting blood glucose levels and blood glucose levels after digesting a high carbohydrate meal. In one study, participants were given 250mg Cinnamon Extract twice a day or a placebo. The results indicated that the Cinnamon group experienced a reduction in fasting blood glucose levels. The results also indicated that supplementing with Cinnamon Extract after a high carbohydrate meal of 75g carbs resulted in a decrease in glucose and fasting insulin with a reduction in cholesterol.

In another study, researches worked with type-2 diabetic patients. They gave patients a dosage of Cinnamon Extract of 50mg, 100mg, 150mg or 200mg for 6-weeks. The results indicated that blood glucose concentration is significantly decreased in a dose-dependent manner with the most in the 200 mg/kg group compared with the control.

The dosage of 300mg is sufficient.

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid – 200mg

ALA is seen in many weight loss supplements, but it has a place in a Glucose Disposal Agent. A study was conducted on type-2 diabetic patients, 57 total, over two months. Researchers measured fasting blood glucose levels and blood glucose levels 2-hours after breakfast. Participants were given 300mg ALA daily. The results indicated that ALA supplementation showed a significant decrease in fasting blood glucose levels and postprandial glycemia.

In a separate study on rodents, rodents were given 100mg ALA and a high-fat diet. Results indicated that ALA supplementation reduced blood glucose levels and significantly improved insulin sensitivity.

Based on the studies, a 200mg dosage of ALA is sufficient.

Fenugreek – 200mg

We find Fenugreek in many over-the-counter testosterone boosters, but it serves a purpose in the management of blood glucose levels. In a study with type-2 diabetic patients, participants consumed fenugreek seeds at 10g (note: extract as used in Glucose RX is when the seeds are soaked in water and the extract is captured). The results indicated over the 8-week period that fasting blood glucose and cholesterol levels were reduced significantly.

A secondary study featuring 60 type-2 diabetic participants who consumed 10g Fenugreek seeds daily showed there was also a significant reduction on fasting blood glucose levels.

Gymnema Extract – 175mg

Outside of Berberine, Gymnema Extract (Gymnema Silvestre) is one of the most popular ingredients used in a GDA product. Gymnema Leaf is used to control blood glucose levels. In one study, with type-2 diabetic patients, participants were given 400mg Gymnema Extract per day and the results showed a significant reduction in insulin requirements and fasting blood glucose levels. Gymnema Extract has also been shown to decrease the absorption of sugar. In fact, the words Gymnema Silvestre translates to the “destroyer of sugar.” Several studies had dosed Gymnema Extract at 400mg per day.

AstraGin – 25mg

AstraGin is an ingredient from NuLiv Sciences that aids in ingredient and nutrient absorption.

BioPerine – 5mg

BioPerine is another ingredient created to increase absorption of Glucose RX’s ingredients.

Final Takeaway

Revive MD’s Glucose RX is one of the best formulated Glucose Disposal Agents on the market today, based on science, not opinion. It uses proven ingredients at dosages used in clinical trials with actual diabetic patients, and even healthy adults. This was not a cookie-cutter GDA nor did Revive MD cut corners. They put in full clinical dosages to ensure that this GDA does exactly what it says it is going to do.

There are many GDAs on the market today, some good, most bad, but Revive MD’s Glucose RX, on paper, appears to reign supreme. The fact it was formulated by a physician and a mastermind in fitness and nutrition helps the cause. We will be sure to be using this GDA at every high carb (not cheat) meal.

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Guest post by By Ryan Bucki, ISSA-CFT | Fitness Informant (original post)

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