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We used to live in a world where blood pressure measuring machines were placed in every department store in America. Don't you remember going to your local K-Mart as a kid and putting your arm in this contraption, pressing a button and BOOM, you'd get this reading that you knew absolutely nothing about? As kids we didn't have to worry about blood pressure like we do as adults.

As an adult we inject certain external factors into our lives which can negatively impact blood pressure. Stress is one of the main drivers of elevated blood pressure in adults. When we are in stressful situations, our body releases hormones causing a spike in our blood pressure. Your heart will begin to beat faster and your blood vessels narrow. Stress can come from many places, work, relationships and the gym.

On top of the stress we've placed on our bodies, we are also becoming an overstimulated society. Much like what stress does to our bodies, stimulants raise heart rate and narrow blood vessels as they are vasoconstrictors. Add on top of that a stressful gym session (going hard) and you may have extremely elevated blood pressure which can lead to cardiac arrest and failure. It's happened too many times.

Blood pressure is also elevated by the foods we eat. We live in a world where convenience is key, therefor we like to "grab and go" and eat "on the run." These foods are generally over processed and contain a lot of sodium. Too much sodium in one's diet may lead to elevated blood pressure. The sodium content tends to be much higher in processed foods like canned goods, processed meats (deli meats) and frozen meals.

A lot of people don't realize they have elevated blood pressure until it is too late. They may be at their annual physical and are told by their MD that they need to go on blood pressure medication. This can be expensive (depending on your perception drug plan) and may have negative side effects. The physician formulators over at Revive MD decided to make life easier for those who are concerned with blood pressure by launching Blood Pressure RX.

Why Use Revive MD Blood Pressure RX?

There are several reasons why Blood Pressure RX from Revive MD is a must use. First, if you traditionally have elevated blood pressure, maybe genetically, and do not want to go on prescription drugs, Blood Pressure RX is a physician formulated blood pressure dietary supplement.

If you tend to work in, or find yourself in, stressful situations. As mentioned earlier, stress can cause an increase in heart rate and a narrowing of blood vessels, which will cause blood pressure to rise.

If you use a lot of stimulants and workout in the gym. Stimulants, as mentioned above, cause your heart to beat rapidly, but also narrow the blood vessels, making it hard for your body to push blood through them, thus causing an elevation in blood pressure.

If you are on "gear" aka anabolic steroids. Many users of AES (anabolic exogenous steroids) do not look at the other aspects of health while they are on a cycle. Being on a cycle of steroids may elevate blood pressure. Take care of yourself and take a blood pressure supplement like Revive MD Blood Pressure RX.

There are other reasons to take a supplement like Revive MD Blood Pressure RX, but these are the common reasons. With that said, let's take a look at the product to inform you on why it is good.

Revive MD Blood Pressure RX

Revive MD Blood Pressure RX is one of the finest formulated blood pressure supplements on the market today. It features key ingredients backed by science at clinical dosages, designed to reduce blood pressure into the normal range. Not to mention the brand is owned by Matt Jansen, trainer of multiple Olympians and Dr. Dom Iacovone. If you're looking for a comprehensive blood pressure formula, you found it.

Garlic Extract - 400mg

Garlic has been long known for lowering blood pressure in the body. In fact, garlic supplements have been known to decrease blood pressure similar to blood pressure medication. Garlic lowers blood pressure by stimulating the production of the vascular gasotransmitter hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and enhancing the regulation of endothelial nitric oxide (NO), which induce smooth muscle cell relaxation, vasodilation, and BP reduction.

A recent clinical trial, published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2013, had 79 participants with high blood pressure. The participants were given either garlic extract (at a dose of 240 mg, 480 mg, or 960 mg daily) or a placebo for 12 weeks. The results indicated that the groups at the 480mg and 960mg daily significantly lowered blood pressure. With Revive MD Blood Pressure RX you get 400mg per servings, and you can take two servings a day to get a total of 800mg for a 30-day supply.

Rejuna - 350mg

The primary ingredients in Rejuna are Terminalia Arjuna Bark Extract, Bark Powder and Leaf. According to research, Terminalia Arjuna Bark Extract aids in lowering blood pressure.

Per studies a dosage of 500mg of bark only per day is sufficient. Rejuna contains bark extract, bark powder and the leaf.

Punarnava Powder - 112.5mg

Punarnava is a herb used in traditional Indian medicine to help reduce blood pressure. Many of these herbs and spice do not have studies behind them, but have been shown time and time again to work. Punarnava is a plant that acts on six Ayurvedic (from WebMD: Ayurvedic medicine (“Ayurveda” for short) is one of the world's oldest holistic (“whole-body”) healing systems. It was developed more than 3,000 years ago in India. It’s based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Its main goal is to promote good health, not fight disease. But treatments may be geared toward specific health problems. In the United States, it’s considered a form of complementary and alternative medicine) tissues including blood, muscles, nerves, reproductive organs, plasma and fat. It possesses significant antihypertensive properties that help keep high blood pressure in check.

Punarnava is also a diuretic which can increase blood flow aiding in the lowering of hypertension.

Coenzyme Q10 - 100mg

Coenzyme Q10, also known as CoQ10 is used to treat many cardiovascular condition. Per the Mayo Clinic, CoQ10 may might help reduce blood pressure.

A meta analysis done in 2007 looked at 12 clinical trials with 362 patients to determine the effectiveness of CoQ10 on lowering blood pressure in hypertension patients. The researchers concluded that Coenzyme Q10 has the potential in hypertensive patients to lower systolic blood pressure by up to 17 mm Hg and diastolic blood pressure by up to 10 mm Hg without significant side effects..

Per WebMD, there is no established ideal dose of CoQ10. Studies have used doses of CoQ10 ranging from 50 milligrams to 1,200 milligrams in adults, sometimes split into several doses over the course of a day. A typical daily dose is 100 milligrams to 200 milligrams.

We get 100mg with Blood Pressure RX in a single serving, but taken twice per day per our recommendation you would get 2,00mg.

Rose Hips - 62.5mg

Rose hips are the round portion of the rose flower just below the petals. Rose hip supplementation has been shown to reduce blood pressure. In a studyconducted in 2012, researchers looked at the effective of Rose Hip consumption on blood pressure. There were 31 participants in the study conducted over a 6-week period. The results indicated that the group who supplemented with Rose Hips significantly reduced systolic blood pressure by 3.4%.

There is not currently an optimal dosage of Rose Hips.

Shankhpushpi - 50mg

Shankhpushpi is another Ayurvedic "drug" generally used to boost cognitive performance. Evidence suggests it may also lead to reducing blood pressure. A study conducted in 2015 looked at the blood pressure lowering impact of Shankhpushpi. There were 40 participants who were diagnosed with hypertension. Tests were before before supplementation, day 7, 14, 21 and 30. The results of the study indicated that 19 participants had a significant reduction in blood pressure, 14 had moderate improvement, 5 had mild improvement and only 2 did not improve.

There is not currently an optimal dosage of Shankhpushpi.

Nattokinase - 50mg (1,000 FU)

Nattokinase is an enzyme (a protein that speeds up reactions in the body) that is extracted from a popular Japanese food called natto. Per WebMD, Nattokinase is commonly used orally for cardiovascular diseases including heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, chest pain (angina), deep vein thrombosis (DVT), "hardening of the arteries" (atherosclerosis), hemorrhoids, varicose veins, poor circulation, and peripheral artery disease (PAD).

A study conducted in 2008 proved that Nattokinase showed promise for a reduction in blood pressure. The study consisted of 73 completed participants. Participants were given 2,000 FU per day for 8-weeks. The results indicated Nattokinase supplementation resulted in a reduction in SBP and DBP. These findings suggest that increased intake of Nattokinase may play an important role in preventing and treating hypertension.

Up to 2,000 formula units (FU) are used to treat high blood pressure. Blood Pressure RX can be used 2x per day for a 30-day supply which would provide the 2,000 FU.

Tribulus - 50mg

Tribulus terrestris is used at 50mg. We typically find this ingredient used in testosterone boosters. Tribulus contains 22.5mg Saponins which may reduce blood pressure. In one study on rats, supplementing with saponins for 30-days resulted in a significant reduction in blood pressure. In another study on rats, did a low and high dosage of Saponins to determine the impact on blood pressure. Results indicated both dosages led to a significant reduction in blood pressure, but it was dose dependent.

Another study was conducted on 10mg Tribulus per day on hypertensive rats. The results indicated the SBP of Tribulus fed hypertensive rats was significantly decreased compared to hypertensive rats.

Indian Snake Root - 25mg

Indian Snakeroot, also known as Rauvolfia serpentina, is a plant which the root is used to make medicine. Per WebMD, Indian snakeroot has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine in India, mainly for high blood pressure and mental illness. Indian snakeroot contains chemicals such as reserpine that decrease heart rate and blood pressure.

Per a study in 1946, Rauvolfia serpentina 85% of patients experienced a drop in systolic blood pressure, and 81% of patients experienced a drop in diastolic blood pressure.

Another study dosed Reserpine (active in Indian Snake Root) at 20mg twice per day to 15 participants. Results indicated that the participants experienced a reduction in blood pressure. For those patients, systolic blood pressure dropped an average of 30.7 mm Hg and diastolic blood pressure dropped an average of 19 mm Hg.

Madagascar Periwinkle Extract - 12.5mg

Periwinkle is an herb that has been shown to reduce blood pressure. Vinca alkaloids are a subset of drugs obtained from the Madagascar periwinkle plant that have been shown to reduce blood pressure. There are not a lot of studies on Periwinkle's ability to lower blood pressure, but it has been used in traditional medicine for years and people swear by it as a blood pressure reduction agent.

Suntheanine - 25mg

Suntheanine is branded form of L-Theanine. This is a relaxation and mood enhancing ingredient. It is meant to reduce stress and anxiety. A reduction in stress and anxiety can lead to a reduction in blood pressure. You may recall, increased stress causing your heart to beat faster and your vessels to shrink causing high blood pressure.

Suntheanine is clinically dosed at 50mg – 200mg per day. Per our recommendation of 2-servings per day of Blood Pressure RX, you are getting the optimal dosage.

Final Takeaway

Revive MD never seizes to amaze us. Blood Pressure RX combines traditional folk medicine with commonly known ingredients (that have clinical studies behind them) to create a comprehensive blood pressure formula. In an era where we continually are facing high stress situations, a blood pressure supplement may be a must for many. Formulated by physicians and those in the fitness industry, they know exactly what is needed to help regulate elevated blood pressure (hypertension).

Blood Pressure RX from Revive MD joins a list of other comprehensive formulas from the brand. Expect nothing less than greatness from Revive MD.

Guest post by Fitness Informant.


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