How to Have a Better Attitude Towards Fitness by Ivana Ivusic

How to Have a Better Attitude Towards Fitness by Ivana Ivusic - Revive MD

Fitness- (definition) the condition of being physically fit and healthy. Nowadays looked at in many opinionated views. We each have our own ideas of what fitness means to us. No matter what it may be, as long as there are results and balance you are well on your way. Here are a few ways that help me stay inspired.

(Guest post by Revive Athlete Ivana Ivusic - IG @ivanaivusic)

Stick To Your Goals

First thing is first, focus on your own goals! Be inspired by your own self and not some image you see online. Tell yourself there is no one you want to look more like than yourself and remember where you started! This is the most important part of sticking to your goals.

We all start our fitness journey for many different personal reasons and those reasons will drive us to success if we continue to work hard every day. I encourage everyone to try different ways of healthy eating and exercising and then decide what works best for you. Do not allow other's poor choices to impact your own.

Remember This Is A Lifestyle Change

Change doesn't happen overnight, it takes time and effort. We can't expect immediate results for habits we have had for countless years. If we do, we will soon be discouraged and discouragement can lead to deeper negative habits. Instead, let's focus on the process and the small changes.

When you maintain a healthy lifestyle for longer than four months you are way more likely to fall in love with being healthy, eating right, working out and finding what's right for you.

Look At Exercising As A Positive

Start out with finding what the perfect type of exercise is for you. I highly recommend trying new things. Join a class, workout with a friend, workout alone, try group training, try cycling, etc.

Most importantly do not allow yourself to think you have to work out just because you feel guilty for your daily food choices. This will set you up for failure and once we fail it can be much harder to keep going. Remember each goal takes time!

(Guest post by Revive Athlete Ivana Ivusic - IG @ivanaivusic)

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