Arjuna Herb Benefits for Cardiac Wellness

Arjuna for Heart Health

Arjuna is a natural tree bark that has been used medicinally for cardioprotection. Also known as Terminalia, this tree species has long been used for medicinal purposes in many regions of the world, particularly East Asia. 

While arjuna bark medical uses are plenty, the plant is most commonly used to support heart health and protect against problems like heart failure and chest pain. Arjuna might also help the heart by reducing cholesterol levels and promoting healthy blood pressure

Here’s all you need to know about arjuna and why Revive has included this powerful natural ingredient in their Blood Pressure RX formula.

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What Are the Health Benefits of Arjuna

Evidence demonstrates arjuna for heart health can significantly reduce blood pressure and heart rate. Also, some evidence shows it may increase aerobic exercise capacity. It is also used for diabetes, high cholesterol, and many other conditions, but there is not enough scientific evidence yet to support these uses. 

Arjuna Benefits for Heart Health

As previously mentioned, arjuna is mostly used for heart health. Different studies throughout the years have shown that taking arjuna supplements can support various aspects of cardiovascular health. Adding arjuna to your daily diet can have significant beneficial effects on your heart and overall wellness from chest pain to heart cholesterol levels. So, how is arjuna good for heart health? Overall, arjuna benefits for cardiovascular health include:

Chest pain (angina)

Chest pain, or angina, is perhaps the most common use for arjuna. Research has shown that taking arjuna as a supplement can improve symptoms in people experiencing chest pain related to heart attacks. Studies have also shown that taking arjuna supplements may reduce the need for chest pain medication in those suffering from long-term chest pain.

Heart disease

Heart Disease is another major reason more people are turning to arjuna. Research suggests that taking arjuna can help manage healthy cholesterol levels in people with heart disease and those at higher risk.

Heart failure

Scientific studies have shown that taking arjuna in combination with conventional heart failure drugs has stronger effects than conventional medications alone. 

May lower high levels of cholesterol or fats in the blood (hyperlipidemia)

Taking arjuna can promote healthier levels of cholesterol in individuals. It has been shown that arjuna can lower LDL (or "bad") cholesterol levels and increase HDL (or "good") cholesterol levels. 

One particular research study investigated the effects of arjuna on patients who previously suffered from a heart attack and/or presented with ischemic cardiomyopathy (narrowing of coronary arteries which supply blood to the heart). When comparing the arjuna supplement group with the control subjects (not undergoing supplementation), the researchers notated significant reduction in the frequency of chest pain, significant improvements in left ventricular ejection fraction (how much blood is being pumped out with each heartbeat), and a reduction in left ventricular mass..

These specific findings explain why arjuna has so many benefits on heart health. By improving the efficiency of overall heart function, the heart muscle doesn’t have to work nearly as hard both at rest and when exercising. Thus, by supplying more blood and oxygen with each pump, those supplementing with arjuna often see improvements in blood pressure and resting heart rate.

Arjuna Benefits for Heart

Other Benefits of Arjuna Capsules 

Interestingly, arjuna has also been shown to improve aerobic exercise capacity, which makes sense due to the improved cardiovascular outcomes (more blood/oxygen being delivered throughout the body). Specifically, the current data on arjuna’s effects on performance are on repeated sprint performance and power output. Additionally, taking arjuna has been shown to help with: 


Some research suggests that taking arjuna in combination with conventional ingredients may help lower pre-meal blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, especially women. However, more research is needed to determine if it can improve HbA1c, which is a measure of average blood sugar. 


Research shows that supplement formulas containing arjuna may aid in the reduction of pain and stiffness in people with osteoarthritis. 

In addition to these arjuna supplement benefits, studies suggest that arjuna may be able to provide other benefits for overall health. However, more research is needed to determine the effectiveness of the plant for these particular uses.

Be on Your Way to a Healthier Heart

We at Revive MD hope you take a proactive approach to ensure you’re taking care of your heart. Besides adding our nutraceuticals to your health regimen, be sure to consider keeping IN some sort of cardiovascular exercise throughout the year (offseason & in-season).  The best heart health routines typically include the right diet and supplementation, along with a healthy exercise program. We also recommend consulting with your physician for more individualized instructions on how to keep your heart healthy and happy.

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