Help maintain optimal digestion

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  • Supports intestinal microbiota
  • Helps prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria
  • Stimulates activity of the immune system


Probiotic from Revive

Revive Supplements Probiotic is a powerful blend of beneficial bacteria strains that help support a healthy gut microbiome. Our probiotic supplement is formulated to resist the harsh acidic environment of the stomach, ensuring that the beneficial bacteria reach the small and large intestine where they can colonize and thrive. This can help to improve overall gut health, reduce inflammation, and enhance nutrient absorption. Revive Supplements Probiotic is perfect for those looking to support their digestive health, or anyone who wants to support a healthy immune system.

Lab Tested

Doctor Formulated

No Fillers

Natural Ingredients

Help maintain optimal digestion

Our Probiotic supplement contains well tested and backed strains including Synbio® that support improved microbiota, exhibit anti-microbial activity, and stimulate the wanted activity of the innate and adaptive immune system.

Key Ingredients

Probiotic Blend

Probiotics contain different types of micro-organisms such as yeast and bacteria to aid in healthy digestions.

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