Promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria

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  • Support the Integrity of the Gut Lining
  • Promote the Growth of Healthy Gut Bacteria
  • Promotes Regularity of Bowel Functions


GI+ from Revive

Revive Supplements GI+ is a natural supplement designed to support digestive health by aiding gut lining integrity and supporting a healthy gut microbiome. This formula contains prebiotics that can help restore and maintain a healthy balance of gut bacteria.

This supplement also contains ingredients that work together to support gut lining health which could improve nutrient absorption and overall gut health.

This supplement is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and soy-free, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a natural way to support their digestive health.

Lab Tested

Doctor Formulated

No Fillers

Natural Ingredients

Why GI+ is Your Go-To for Gut Health

Optimized Digestion

Experience smoother, more comfortable digestion, alleviating
discomfort and promoting better nutrient absorption.

Stomach Lining Protection

Our unique blend acts as a defender for your stomach lining,
encouraging repair and providing resilience against irritants.

Flourishing Gut Bacteria

With ingredients like Apple Pectin and Green Tea Extract, GI+ fosters a healthy gut microbiome, essential for overall well-being.

Immune Boost

Arabinogalactans in GI+ support the production of beneficial short-chain fatty acids, bolstering your immune system directly from your gut.

Feel Energized and Balanced

A healthy gut means more than just good digestion; it's the cornerstone of your overall health, leading to improved energy levels and a balanced mood.

How GI+ Makes You Feel

Protected and Nurtured

Know that your gut is being cared for with ingredients that protect and repair your digestive tract lining.


A healthy gut translates to better digestion and nutrient absorption, meaning more energy and less sluggishness.


With a focus on fostering healthy gut bacteria, GI+ helps keep your digestive system in balance, which can positively affect your mood and stress levels.


Reduced digestive discomfort means you can go about your day with confidence, not having to worry about unexpected gut issues.


It is a component of the mucous secreted in the GI tract, which serves as a protective barrier against mechanical and chemical damage that helps support the integrity of the intestinal lining and could aid in the repair of damaged gut lining, which is beneficial for conditions like leaky gut syndrome.

Apple Pectin
Apple pectin is a type of soluble fiber found in apples. Soluble fibers are known to absorb water and form a gel-like substance in the digestive system. Apple Pectin helps regulate bowel movements and prevent constipation, can moderate blood sugar levels by slowing the absorption of carbohydrates and helps support the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Arabinogalactans (from Larch Gum)
Arabinogalactans are polysaccharides that act as prebiotics in the gut. They stimulate the immune system, promote the growth of probiotic bacteria, such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria and help enhance the body's defense against common GI infections.

Soy Lecithin
Soy lecithin is a fat that is essential in the cells of the body. It can be used as an emulsifier, aiding in the breakdown of fats to help in the absorption of essential nutrients by emulsifying dietary fats. It may also support healthy digestion by improving the mucosal layer of the GI tract.

Sunflower Lecithin
Similar to soy lecithin, sunflower lecithin is also an emulsifier that can help support nutrient absorption and maintain the mucosal layer.

DeglycyrrhizinatedLicorice (DGL) Extract (root)
DGL is a form of licorice root that hels soothe stomach irritation and discomfort and supports and protects the stomach lining and intestinal wall.

Cinnamon Bark Powder
Cinnamon is a spice with antioxidant properties that help protect the GI tract from oxidative stress, help reduce gas
and bloating and help regulate digestive function.

Green Tea Leaf Extract (Decaffeinated)(std. to 50% EGCG)
Green tea extract is rich in polyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a potent antioxidantthat can help reduce oxidative stress in the GI tract and may have anti inflammatory effects and promote healthy digestive function.

Astaxanthin 1.5%
Astaxanthin is a keto-carotenoid with strong antioxidant properties that helps fight inflammation in the GI tract and may protect the lining of the digestive tract from damage due to free radicals.

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