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Revive MD is built on education. Consumers spend countless dollars on sugar drinks, processed foods, etc due to a lack of education. The main component of the brand’s online presence is education. They do some of the best content around education on your internal organs that we’ve seen from any brand.

Ryan Bucki, ISSA-CFT

ReviveMD X Fitness Informant
ReviveMD Glucose RX


Revive MD’s Glucose RX is one of the best formulated Glucose Disposal Agents on the market today, based on science, not opinion. It uses proven ingredients at dosages used in clinical trials with actual diabetic patients, and even healthy adults. This was not a cookie-cutter GDA nor did Revive MD cut corners. They put in full clinical dosages to ensure that this GDA does exactly what it says it is going to do.

Ryan Bucki, ISSA-CFT

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ReviveMD Liver


Revive MD Liver is a well-rounded product, and if you care about your long-term health, it may be worth taking year round. If you’re a lifter, and you are taking certain drugs which you know may be putting undue stress on your liver, or simply drink alcohol more than you should, Revive MD has your health in mind.

Gerhard Hoermann, ISSA-CFT

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ReviveMD Calm

Why Use Revive MD Calm

Out stress levels as human beings are at an all-time high to due external and internal factors. Our jobs, families, diets, insecurities, finances, and so many more items can lead to an elevation in stress levels. When there is stress present in our system, your body releases Cortisol to combat that. Elevated Cortisol levels are unhealthy and can lead to weight gain. Regulating Cortisol levels prior to bedtime can lead to improved sleep quality.

Gerhard Hoermann, ISSA-CFT

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About Revive MD

Welcome to the dietary supplement industry Revive MD. Welcome. This isn't just your traditional supplement company at all. Revive MD is a health-based wellness company co-founded by worldly respected fitness coach Matt Jansen and Dr. Domenic Iacovone, a well-respected figure in the fitness world and the hormone therapy world. What these two gentlemen bring to the table that most other companies do not is the experience and education needed to formulate products designed for those who want to take their internal organs and their hormone levels seriously.

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