Chasteberry Liposomal

Promote Healthy Female Hormones

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  • Enhanced Hormonal Balance
  • Fertility Support
  • Natural Menstrual Relief


Chasteberry Liposomal from Revive

Chasteberry from Revive MD stimulates natural progesterone production by acting on the pituitary gland, thereby balancing hormonal levels, particularly in conditions where progesterone is low. It also increases progesterone availability in the bloodstream and reduces its breakdown, maintaining higher levels for longer periods. Additionally, it lowers prolactin levels, indirectly supporting progesterone production by reducing prolactin's inhibitory effects.

By modulating both progesterone and prolactin levels, Chasteberry helps achieve a more balanced hormonal state, beneficial for conditions like PMS, menstrual irregularities, and possibly fertility issues. Clinical evidence and usage support its efficacy in hormonal regulation, making it a common choice in herbal medicine and integrative therapies.

Suggested Use: Take one (1) capsule once daily or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.

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Natural Ingredients

Promote Healthy Female Hormones

Enhanced Hormonal Balance: Liposomal Chasteberry is engineered to support women's hormonal health, crucial in managing symptoms of PMS and ensuring regular menstrual cycles.

Superior Absorption: Employing liposomal technology, this supplement guarantees efficient absorption of chasteberry extract for more effective results compared to traditional supplements.

Natural Menstrual Relief: Designed with women's comfort in mind, Liposomal Chasteberry provides natural alleviation from menstrual cramps and discomfort.

Fertility Support: For those facing fertility concerns due to hormonal imbalances, this supplement naturally aids in restoring hormonal equilibrium, enhancing reproductive health.

Visible Positive Changes: Look out for signs of a more regular menstrual cycle, lessened PMS symptoms, and potentially an improved mood and emotional state.

Key Ingredients


In the world of natural and holistic health, Chasteberry shines, especially for women navigating the complexity of hormonal balance, menstrual support, and fertility. This herb, also known as Vitex, contains benefits that can help harmonize the body's hormonal balance. For centuries, women have turned to Chasteberry as a trusted herb in managing premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms and menstrual irregularities. Its ability to effectively support the body's natural hormone production makes it a valuable tool in easing cramps, reducing bloating, and even tempering mood swings, easing through a monthly cycle with less discomfort and more balance. Chasteberry plays a pivotal role in fertility support. By promoting healthy hormone levels, it can help pave the way to regular ovulation and support those crucial progesterone levels for a better chance at conception.

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