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We are unashamed to be called perfectionists, and we handle all phases of production, from formulation, to bottling, and everything in between. Our facility is strictly controlled by rigorous standards that meet cGMPs, and it routinely passes FDA and third-party audits. Testing on every product we manufacture means you can trust the consistent purity, strength, identity, and composition of each and every Revive MD's Products formula.

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Glutamine is an important amino acid, which serves as a building block for proteins. It plays a critical role in immune health and has a special role in intestinal health, which may help support digestion and gut health.

Immune System Support Supports immune health and function
Gut Bacteria Helps block harmful bacteria and toxins in the body
Gut Health Promotes digestive and gut health

Prolonged stress triggers the HPA axis. This natural response to external stresses is displayed in three stages: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion.

Improve Physical Performance
Improve Mental Performance
Support Healthy Energy Levels
Improve Stress Resilience
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Best Recovery Supplement for Athletes From Revive MD

Our selection of recovery supplements has been specifically formulated to enhance your post-workout routines. Our recovery formulas are ideal for all athletes needing extra support after sessions of strenuous physical activity by helping to relieve tired muscles, sore joints, and mental fatigue. These sports recovery supplements are ideal for all types of athletes participating in physically-demanding activities such as weightlifting, football, and other individual and team sports. Integrating these muscle recovery supplements into your routine will not only help you recover after a workout, but they will also help your body stay prepared for whatever comes next. We encourage you to learn more by reading below or exploring each individual supplement above.

Benefits and Uses of Revive MD Muscle Recovery Supplements

Turmeric Supplement

One of our most popular products, the Turmeric supplement, was formulated to provide improved inflammation management after periods of physically-demanding activity. Made with natural ingredients like curcumin, Boswellia extract, R-ALA, and ginger, this powerful supplement was formulated to promote an enhanced inflammatory response for faster and better recovery. Also included in this formula are patented ingredients Astragin and Bioperine, which increase the bioavailability of all ingredients in this product. If you are leading an active lifestyle, this best-selling Turmeric supplement is a must-have.

Calm Supplement

Engaging in long periods of physical activity can take a toll on your mind, increasing stress levels, and fatigue during and after exercise. Taking our signature cortisol formula during recovery can help restore balance to your mind by improving your mood, reducing stress, and providing an overall sense of mental clarity. Revive MD Calm Supplement is made with proven ingredients like magnesium, GABA, and L-theanine, all of which have been shown to yield positive effects on mental wellbeing.


Our Yohimbine supplement is an essential workout recovery supplement that helps burn fat post-workouts. In addition to being a potent fat burner, Yohimbine can increase blood flow, enhance endurance, and promote a more balanced mood.


Our signature adrenal support formula was developed to help promote the body’s resistance to fatigue and healthy levels of cortisol. Using Adrenalcore supplement during the recovery phase of your workouts can relieve stress, improve energy levels, and fuel mental performance without the use of artificial ingredients.

The Best Supplements for Muscle Recovery

Like all Revive supplements, our best-selling workout recovery supplements are formulated with clinically researched ingredients specifically selected for a specific purpose. Additionally, we ensure all our formulas are compliant with CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations as mandated by the FDA. All our products go through a rigorous testing process to ensure the best possible purity, potency, and consistency. This guarantees you are using the safest, highest-quality recovery supplements available on the market today.

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Love the daily greens, I have a hard times having my daily dose of green veggies a day, This product helps so much!

Richard G.

Best overall liver formula on the market. I've been using this for a couple of months.

Michael J.

This stuff has helped me with my mood. Really levels me out in a good way and helped with anxiety.

Saturno S M.