Having Trouble Managing your Time? Tips to Solve Poor Time Management

Having Trouble Managing your Time? Tips to Solve Poor Time Management

Time management can be very difficult especially with the lifestyle we live in today. However, there are solutions to help your energy levels and manage your time more efficiently. Let’s start by preparing ourselves for change. After you finish reading this article begin to take immediate action!

Set Goals Right Away... NO MORE Procrastination

“Procrastination is by definition the action of delaying or postponing something that needs to get done.”

However…When you sit back and really think about what procrastination is you will realize its more than just a time management problem but rather an emotional problem that at times causes us to be LAZY and full of excuses!

Create a System: Use motivation

It’s all about what the meaning of time management is for YOU! Be realistic and start out by understanding how and why others are more successful at time management. Personal awareness and honesty with yourself are going to be key. When you set out daily goals for yourself, you begin to value your time!

Remember time is something we lose without the ability to get it back.

Your motivation comes within completing one task at a time which then gives you the feeling of success over your day rather than trying to do multiple things at once and risking the feeling of failure. To create your system and stick to it like its the only option you have left.

Locate your Vision...

locate your vision

We spend a lot of time envisioning our future and the things we want out of it. Remember when you were young and you had all kinds of visions for yourself and you absolutely couldn’t wait to do get to your vision? You made yourself believe anything was possible…so what’s changed? Step back to the simple things and take yourself back to your younger days to remind yourself how to envision life goals and dreams.

  • Know your vision….
  • Know your priorities….
  • AND… don’t forget them!

Priorities will change, but the important ones will always remain the same. Know the difference between what you are setting out to achieve, big goals and small goals. Those are different types of goals and will bring a different feeling of achievement. However, when you achieve one of your goals, big or small REWARD YOURSELF!

(Guest Post by Ivana)

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