Are Daily Green Powders the Healthy Option for You?

Are Daily Green Powders the Healthy Option for You? - Revive MD


Superfoods: do they exist? Well, there are certainly plenty of foods that experts feel have a ton of health benefits for just about everyone. These foods range from soy to salmon, but today we’re going to look at the awesome power of super greens and supplements like green powders that try to emulate them.

What Is a Superfood?

Green Superfood

Superfood is not a medical term, but one often coined by nutritionists or diet experts. It means any food which has an exceptional density of nutrients. Basically, if you eat plenty of a superfood, you will be ingesting more vitamins, minerals, or other beneficial compounds than if you didn’t include superfoods in your diet. Popular superfoods include:

  • Beans for plant-based protein and high levels of fiber
  • Nuts and seeds for beneficial, unsaturated fats
  • Pumpkin for high levels of potassium and vitamin A

Eating these superfoods alone won’t magically make you more healthy, but including them regularly in a balanced diet could have serious health benefits according to groups like the American Heart Association.

What Is the Best Green Superfood?

Green superfoods are normally anything from the fruit and vegetable category that’s high in nutrients- particularly green veggies, like spinach. Examples include:

  • Kale, a massive source of vitamin K
  • Collard greens, high in iron
  • Swiss chard, which provides nearly your whole daily amount of magnesium in a 100g serving

The best green superfoods tend to be dark, green, leafy vegetables. If you don’t like to eat your greens, a green powder- a supplement made from the extracts of these vegetables- could be the ideal way to get these superfoods into your life.

Green powders don’t just contain greens. They may also contain beneficial berries, fruits, herbs, spices, and antioxidant-rich ingredients like green tea. Some green powders come as an actual powder that you need to dissolve in water or juice, whereas others are capsules filled with the powder. They are much easier to take, especially when you’re on the go. Look out for labels like green capsules and green juice powder.

Why Take Green Powder?

Green superfood powder or greens powder is a way to get the benefits of fresh greens when you struggle to get them into your diet. Reasons for this might include:

  • Time constraints
  • Seasonal issues- greens aren’t in season everywhere all the time
  • Taste- not everyone likes the taste of greens and that’s ok!
  • Availability

Replacing super greens with a superfood powder means you can get the good stuff without having the stress of figuring out how to incorporate three cups of kale or collard greens into your busy schedule. There’s no need to miss out on crucial nutrients with the right green supplements as part of your wellness routine.         

Who Needs a Super Greens Powder?

Anyone whose diet is lacking in fruit or vegetables. This could be due to one of the reasons above. You may have an allergy or sensitivity that limits the amount of fruit or vegetables you can eat. You may work shifts that prevent you from having home-cooked meals most of the time. You might even be simply exhausted from a full-on schedule with your family- even fun times can be tiring!

Whatever the reason, it’s common to fall behind with our fruit and vegetable intake. A superfood powder could help fill the gap and ensure you’re getting the right nutrients to support your body every day.

What Is the Best Superfood Powder

The best superfood powder is one that mimics the superfood as closely as possible in terms of nutritional benefits while being easy to take. The best greens powder focuses on all the antioxidant benefits of fresh greens, to help your body deal with free radicals while supporting your daily nutritional requirements.

Most great green powders or supplements are a combination of different ingredients. Revive MD’s offering, Daily Greens, combines ingredients from vegetables, fruits, and berries to provide a wide range of potential benefits.

As an added bonus, these capsules are completely dairy-free and gluten-free, meaning they can be taken by most people, even those with strict diet restrictions.

Benefits of Greens Powders

It’s important to remember that every single person is an individual and has different nutritional requirements. Generally, the benefits of taking a green supplement may include:

  • An increased feeling of energy
  • Increased urinary pH- your pee may become more alkaline, which may affect the level of toxins in the body positively
  • Potentially reduced amounts of free radicals in the body
  • More balanced nutrition overall

A study published in 2004 seemed to indicate that participants regularly taking greens powders noticed significant increases in their energy levels, so for this benefit alone, a green supplement could be the boost you need to get back on track.

How to Take Green Powders

There are various types of green supplements, but the most common are:

  • Powders that you dissolve before taking
  • Capsules taken with water, usually before or after a meal

The powders sometimes have a grassy taste that some people find unpleasant, which is why capsules are a much more popular choice. Taking the capsules with water, before or after a meal, means your body can absorb the nutrients quickly and start reaping the benefits as soon as possible.

So, did you realize how important it is to eat your greens? Well, now you also know you don’t always have to - with a high-quality green supplement that does the job much more simply.


Greens powders and green supplements mimic the nutritional content of green superfoods. Superfoods are any food with a dense nutritional content, providing you with high amounts of nutrients in every mouthful. Green powders fill the gap in diets that are low in fruit or vegetables.


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