Product Description

"I love utilizing this stack on a daily basis because these are the supplements that help benefit my daily life and career tremendously.

When I use Calm it helps me before I work out and right before I go to bed. Calm helps relieve my stress levels and completely relaxes my mind when I need to get things done and focus. Calm keeps my mind level and relaxed so I can perform efficiently with anything I do on a regular basis.

I chose Glucose as part of this stack because, being a competitive bodybuilder my nutrient intake is a major part of my day. Glucose is a life saver because it helps optimize my meals pre and post workout. It helps increase my insulin sensitivity and my overall blood glucose levels.

Turmeric is another great supplement that has helped tremendously with my joint support and chronic inflammation. Turmeric helps with any undesired inflammation so I can fully recover for my next training session.

I'm really excited for you to try this stack!"

Joe Wachs

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