Matt Jansen

 Education / Qualifications:
- BA of Science in Exercise Science from North Georgia College and State University (Now University of North Georgia)

- Semester long internship with the Olympic Sports teams at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY.


If Matt had to narrow it down to one thing to describe what coaching physique athletes means to him he would say passion. He is passionate about his craft, continuing to learn more and simply loves helping people attain a level that they might not have once thought possible. He knows that his gifts within the realm of coaching exceed his own physical gifts which is why he considers himself a coach first and bodybuilder second. Matt also believes that in order to be your best as an athlete you need to address the body from the inside out and if you are only focused on the cosmetic or performance aspect you are going to be cutting yourself short, this is where Revive Supplements comes into play. It is important that Matt aligns himself with a company that produces the highest quality health supplements to insure that health within the pursuit remains intact.  

Outside of bodybuilding Matt enjoys spending time with his wife Jordan and son Dallas, they are his main motivation to continue to develop and succeed as a coach. Whether it's just hanging out around the house, traveling, watching or attending sporting events sports (NFL, NBA and University of Kentucky Basketball, being some of his favorites) he enjoys getting to spend his down time with them. 


Including the 2018 qualifications Matt has coached 16 IFBB pros to the Olympia in  the Men’s Open, 212, figure and women's physique divisions. Among those athletes he has had four top 5 finishes, and six top 10 finishes. To this day one of the things he enjoys most within coaching is helping amateur athletes attain pro status, he relates it much like to the passion of college athletics in that there is a lot less stress involved in outside factors and pure joy when the goal is accomplished. Over his coaching career Matt has helped 13 athletes attain IFBB pro status in figure, bikini, women's physique and mens bodybuilding. Some of the top names he has worked with throughout his career are Justin Compton - who he attributes a lot to for believing in him when he was un proven and bringing other top athletes to him, Dallas McCarver who grew to be best friends with Matt and was Matt's first Olympian. Jamie Pinder a top 5 finisher at the 2016 Women's Physique Olympia after winning the Chicago Pro, Kira Neuman a top 5 finisher at the 2016, 2017 Women's Physique Olympia and Arnold Classic in Columbus. Swann Cardot a top five finisher at 2016 Figure Olympia. His current roster of Olympian Athletes includes: Nathan DeAsha, Iain Valliere, Charles Griffen, Shaun Clarida, Michaela Aycock.


When it comes to his own achievements within bodybuilding Matt most recently won the Overall at the Clash of the Capstone in Alabama and went on to finish third in the heavyweight class NPC USA's in Las Vegas in 2018. Matt's current plans are to take another year to make progress and return to the National Stage in 2019


Dr. Domenic Iacovone 

Bio / Education:

Bachelors in Micro and Mollecular Biology UCF. Doctorate of Chiropractic, Life University. Certified by Academy for Anti Aging in Peptide / Hormone Optimization.

Dr. Iacovone is originally from Providence, RI. After moving to Florida at the age of 9, he attended Martin County High and later UCF for his Undergrad in Micro and Molecular biology. Soon after, Domenic relocated to Atlanta, GA to earn his Doctorate in Chiropractic. Dr. Iacovone turned his passion of nutrition and endocrinology into a full time career when he opened Revive Therapy & Wellness. With his extended knowledge of nutrition and hormones and guidance from the top medical professionals in the industry, he has quickly grown to be one of the largest HRT clinics in the country with 7 nationwide locations in just under two year.