I am so excited that you are interested in joining the Revive MD Elite Team Ambassador Program. Our goal has always been to bring the brightest and most talented individuals to our team. The Elite Ambassador Program is going to bring you a ton of opportunity from getting free product, rewards and opportunities to join our Athlete Team.

Here's my pro tip: At Revive MD we're all about content. Start creating impactful, educational content and you'll go further than you can imagine.


What Else Is There To The Elite Team?

As part of the Revive Elite Team Ambassador Program you are joining Revive MD's inner circle. A community of like-minded people with the goal of helping and impacting as many people as possible. Our goal is to help educate you and prepare you success so people look towards you when they are looking to better themselves.

  • Exclusive Mobile App that allows you to track your commission earned and performance
  • Social Media based "Missions," which are creative and interactive tasks and posts that reward you with cash, gift cards, apparel and more
  • Earn points to increase your commission percentage based on your success
  • Early access to new product launches and apparel
  • Access to exclusive Elite Ambassador gear
  • Product education materials from our internal resource team

Are You Ready To Join The Revive Elite Team?

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